10 simple weight loss secrets

10 simple weight loss secrets

Leading naturopath shares her 10 simple weight loss secrets.

By: Nikki Warren, Naturopath and Founder of NaturoBest


1. Increase protein, decrease carbohydrates

Snack on nuts and fruit, salads, soups, low GI carbs such as sweet potato or brown rice and meat or protein plus veg.


2. Introduce more movement into your day

Take the stairs where possible and walk instead of driving.


3. If you have a sweet craving, brush your teeth


4. Drink plenty of filtered water

Often hunger is masked as thirst. Work out how much water you need to drink by taking your weight in kg and times it by 0.03. e.g. 60kg x 0.03 = 1.8 litres daily.


5. Eat two small squares of dark chocolate daily if you're a chocoholic

One to two small squares of dark chocolate a day helps to satisfy a sweet tooth and help prevent binging.


6. Consider adding strength training to your daily exercise 

Building muscle increases your metabolic rate.


7. Stop eating before you feel full

Get out of the habit of eating everything on your plate. 


8. Ditch the sugary drinks

Drink water or flavoured sparkling water.


9. Eliminate lollies, biscuits, cakes and fast food

Not only are these foods going to increase your bad cholesterol, they are empty calories that have no nutritional value.


10. Detox and switch to organic food

Detox diets are usually low in calories and there is a naturopathic theory that releasing toxins from your fat cells helps to boost your metabolism.




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