Enchanting Swarovski October Collection

Enchanting Swarovski October Collection

Swarovski Unveils Its Enchanting October 2018 Collection

This season Swarovski transports women to an enchanting natural world that glitters with a mystical "Tales of the Forest" theme.

The beauty of nature continues to be a rich source of inspiration for the brand, and the Winter Collection exudes the fantasy and brilliance normally reserved for fairy tales. Nathalie Colin, Swarovski's Creative Director, has taken the theme of "Enchanted Forest" as her starting point for the versatile collection. The range combines a rich, glittering palette and meticulous craftsmanship to bring to life brilliant jewelry and accessories designed to make women around the world shine.

"This season we enter an enchanted crystal forest - a fantastical place full of dazzling jewels and glamour, and very emblematic to Swarovski DNA. Forest friends; squirrels, foxes, owls, insects, spiders, butterflies, as well as flowers and foliage give a strong identity and emotional twist to the collection. I chose a very refined execution, and lovely craft details with a sense of playfulness for easy-to-wear designs ranging from the timeless to the fashionable and from the subtle to the bold," explains Colin. The new Swarovski collection exudes refinement and elegance and demonstrates that Swarovski crystals are not just reserved for special occasions.

Through extraordinary craftsmanship, the new Magnetic family reimagines bugs, beetles and more in brilliant new ways. The on-trend silhouettes; asymmetric earrings, single earring, brooches, layered necklaces, signet and cocktails rings, shine in Swarovski Pointiage®, delicate detailing and mixed metal tones.

Symbolic jewellery continues to be a major trend and many of this season's motifs have special meaning. The butterfly represents transformation, hope and life, the spider depicts mystery, power and growth, and the scarab is synonymous with rebirth and regeneration.

Lovers of woodland animals will be won over by the March family's charming fox, owl and squirrel designs. The mix of golden metal tones, refined detailing and exquisitely cut Swarovski crystal are the perfect mix of feminine and edgy.

The collection features many easy-to-wear pieces that can be worn in a multitude of ways to dial up a woman's look from everyday to pure glamour in an instant. While layering and stacking numerous rings from the Magnetised family is a chic way to lend a touch of bold, of-the-moment shine to any look. With an array of dazzling fairy-tale designs, Swarovski whisks the multifaceted woman to faraway lands, lifts her spirits and brightens her every day.