Emma Volard Femininity

Emma Volard Femininity

"As females, realistically we have all been subject to comments and actions that have belittled, stigmatised and diminished our sense of womanhood and integrity. In my case, this has seen me: being asked to "smile more" and wear more "feminine clothes" and asked "why don't you wear makeup?" and most recently being told by a male photographer that said, "I usually take photos of hot skinny girls, so this is out of my comfort zone." – Emma Volard

Melbourne artist Emma Volard is gearing up to lay down another epic slap of social-soul on her latest rhythmic groove, 'Femininity'. With her music deeply rooted in seeking justice and storytelling with strong political, environmental and personal undertones, Emma Volard is one-upping herself on her most vulnerable, honest and empowering single to date. Out today, 'Femininity' explores gender equality and empowerment in the music industry and beyond, whilst offering women both a shoulder to lean on and a killer soundtrack to revolt to.

In a time where women are banding together to seek the strength and courage to speak out about their lived experiences of stigmatisation, harassment, hyper-sexualisation and degradation, Emma felt compelled to provide a voice for those who may be struggling to find their own. 'Femininity' is this voice – a hard-hitting joint that expresses the omnipotent force of the female gender. In this track, Emma has put together an all star line-up with an overwhelming percentage of female identifying artists including Allysha Joy on backing vocals, Elle Shimada on violin and Bumpy in the backing choir. This group of musical collaborators also includes drummer Jordan Pereira (Nasty Mars), percussionist Lucky Pereira (Close Counters) and Jake Amy (The Mamas). The track's mixing finesse was executed by computer music innovator Moses Carr and mastered by the world-renowned engineer Nick Herrera, the producer of the Grammy Award Nominated Hiatus Kaiyote Album Choose Your Weapon.

"In the wake of recent events regarding a predatory male photographer and the rampant exploitation of women in the music industry, women are experiencing a collective trauma for those who have been affected by hyper-sexualised and belittling comments and actions. It has become clear to me that many men in the industry are using their power to take advantage of women in vulnerable positions. In no circumstance is this okay, systemic sexism and ignorance is no longer an excuse. We need to fight this together, we need men to be our allies not our gender's undoing. This is not the case with all men - I would never want to discredit the men who are challenging social norms, facilitating discourse and fighting for equality. We need to support women and non-gender conforming people, but most importantly we need to support each other." – Emma Volard

In only a year Emma Volard has made huge waves in the Melbourne music scene, playing festivals such as Brunswick Music Festival, Ocean Sounds, Isol-Aid Festival and Leaps and Bounds alongside nominal artists REMI, Emma Donovan and The Bamboos, and has been featured on Gilles Peterson's Worldwide FM alongside artists such as Sampa the Great. Emma's vulnerable personal lens in the industry shows a sensitivity towards life's foibles that she believes is influenced by the presence of her non-verbal severely autistic and epileptic sister Adelaide in her upbringing. Through her distinct lyrical expression and incessant groove, Emma hopes to continue to provide a voice for not only her sister but a voice for change in today's modern diaspora; a voice for those who aren't heard.