All That Glitters Is Gold

All That Glitters Is Gold

All That Glitters Is Gold

Since humans first laid eyes on gold, it has captivated us in so many ways. We simply love the way it looks and its association with richness and prosperity. As a result, this has led gold to be turned into some of the finest jewellery across the world – there is seemingly no better way to showcase a love of gold than by wearing it! But as you're no doubt aware, there is a lot of golden jewellery out there, so what can gold lovers wear when there is so much choice? Well, let's narrow it down and make it easier for you.

If you want a golden watch, make it the real deal

When it comes to jewellery – and especially watches – nothing beats a quality original piece. Fake watches are a real concern not just for consumers, but watch manufacturers too. These cheap knockoffs are often hard to spot, meaning that at first glance, the materials seem fine but show themselves before long. If you're after a golden wristwatch, then it's best to buy them from genuine online retailers, not simply 'some guy' on eBay. Golden Rolexes, for example, are perhaps one of the more crudely imitated, but thankfully watches from places like Chrono24 have been certified as the real brand.

Bring out your spirit animal

Some of us identify with a wolf, others with a cat, and even some with a bird. Animal pendant necklaces have been catching on recently, as they look incredibly cool and display to others your spirit animal. Handmade items are great because they are sometimes one-of-a-kind or extremely rare, meaning that you don't run the risk of picking up something that thousands of other people have bought from a chain store. Handcrafted gold animal pendants from Etsy are some of our favourites.

Jewellery that looks good and helps others

Many of us live in a world where access to the internet and equipment is so easy and available. For others, it isn't so simple. However, Novica is a company which aims to give artisans in remote areas of the planet a chance to sell their work at fair prices. These golden earrings are crafted by individuals from places like Indonesia, Brazil, India, Mexico, and Thailand. The designs are wonderful and even better is the fact that you know you're supporting real people and small communities.

Buying jewellery can be such a personal and important purchase, as these are things we can wear for the rest of our lives. If we store them properly, these can sometimes even be passed on to younger generations. So, if you're going to buy some golden jewellery, you should at least make sure you're getting something you can cherish.